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Extra gain stage in DEM preamp?

My current AO-40 receive setup consists of a 90cm offset dish with a 5.25
turn helix into the DEM pre-amp and finally into a Drake 2880 with the basic
modifications (no extra gain added) all mounted at the feedpoint of the
dish.  I believe that I have seen a picture posted on this site of
somebody's DEM preamp with an added MAR amplifier after the first gain
stage.  Has anybody done this modification to their DEM preamp?  Is it worth
it?  What MAR amp seem s to work best?  I get resonable performance out of
my current setup -- but I think that it could be better.  I know the
conversion gain of the 2880 is low, so I thought this might be a fairly easy
way to improve my setup.

Thanks in advance!
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