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Re: Re: EME Sband?

>From: "Larry Kayser" <kayser@sympatico.ca>
>There have been reports over the last years that several chaps have taken a
>real run at slaving a magnetron to an external frequency source.  My sense
>of the status is that it might be doable but that it is not practical at the
>end of the day.  If anyone has information on the status of those who have
>been working the issues, let us all know.

Bob, Larry, Doug:

Oven maggys have been looked at off and on for 30 years for coherent signal
use.  My former boss and fellow microwaver made some progress back in 1974-75
but the problem is frequency stability.  A magnetron is a self-controlled
oscillator so stability is a function of the thermal characteristic of the
cavity and its Q.  Most efforts attempt to lock freq. by inserting a reference
signal.  Mags are also notoriously noisy {Fm noise}.  They may be usable with
wideband or video signals but not nb cw. 

Our project back in the 70's was to utilize them for beaming electrical power
from orbiting mega solar-arrays {miles of collecting area}.  Actually we
achieved nearly 30% transmission efficiency at about 30 miles but the
environmental issues were daunting.  It was given up by NASA.

For eme your efforts better applied to getting about 100w going with a 10-12
foot dish [K9EK has experimented with Russian tubes on 2304 MHz].  If you are
interested in eme info you might consider joining the eme reflector:
Moon-Net posting and subscription instructions are at


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