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Re: FT-817 and CAT interfacing

"Reid Bristor, Sr. Consultant" wrote:
> Does anyone have the protocol documented relating to the 'cloning' of
> this rig? The CAT protocol in the manual does not allow memory storage
> but it can be done as a download from the computer by letting the
> computer think that it is another unit.
> I really don't want to manually enter 200 memory locations. I find this to be
> a rather nasty drawback. I like the unit otherwise, but this can be a
> combersome activity. If someone has the cloning protocol or has
> reversed engineer it, could you provide a copy? I am planning on
> developing software for this unit and will make it available as well when
> finished.
I to have this same question as well , but for the FT100d , as it does not have
software ( when will yaesu get a clue ? ) to do this and it really sucks to have
to manually program all those memory positions ( yes I plan on filling it full )
, and I would like to learn somehow to control this and my FT847 from my pc
using java , but as I have said in the past the software writing part is not my
forte' just a desire ....

So , anyone willing to share their experiences and or fruits of their labors ? 

Someday I want to be a programmer ( read: some day I want to be a fireman ;^} )
but till then there is always shareware :)

And yes I do pay for some of them ......

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
AMSAT#26182 , K2 # 544
Registered Linux user # 188922
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