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Re: EME Sband?

 > What freq are microwave ovens actually on?
 > I assume the mass produced magnitrons do not have tuning controls, but a
 > little hammer adjustment might re-tune them?

Don't know, but you would want to be sure the flanges on the waveguides 
didn't leak, and magnetrons can bite you with more than RF -- they take 
several kV to drive because they're not particularly efficient 
oscillators.  They're also rather unstable by CW standards, and have a 
nasty tendency to jump into higher modes if you don't have the voltage 
just right.  They'll pulse pretty nicely if the drive signal is shaped 
right, but I think they chirp a bit.

 > Anticipitory disclamer:  Yes, I know messin with 1000W Sband is 
 > dangerous.
 > And yes, purity of signal is atrocious... (before mods...)...

You definitely do *not* want to get any part of your body, much less 
your head or eyes, near the feed or between it and the dish with a 
magnetron driving the feed!  ;-)  Probably want to stay quite some 
distance away, and use a feed that underilluminates the dish so not too 
much RF spills over the edges and radiates back ..
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                    Bruce Bostwick N5VB

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