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Re: EME Sband?

I suspect that the bandwidth of the microwave oven's emissions
would be so large that the received S/N would not be any
better than for a weak but stable ham CW transmitter.


At 04:24 PM 10/22/01 , you wrote:
>I suppose this question comes up periodically, but now that we all have
>very good ears on 2.4 GHz, and we all own 1000W 2.4 GHz transmitters (for
>cooking popcorn, etc)...  What is the EME link budget on 2.4 Ghz? or CW
>What freq are microwave ovens actually on?
>I assume the mass produced magnitrons do not have tuning controls, but a
>little hammer adjustment might re-tune them?
>Anticipitory disclamer:  Yes, I know messin with 1000W Sband is dangerous.
>And yes, purity of signal is atrocious... (before mods...)...
>de WB4APR

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