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PCsat UHF receviers off.

As PCsat enteres a phase of maximum eclipses (35 minutes every orbit), we
have turned off both UHF receivers to save power.  THus there is now no
9600 baud access.  You can tell the state of the 9600 baud UHF receivers
in every telemetry packet by looking at the ending binary values:


Where the bits "uu" show the state of the UHF receivers. If "0" in
*either* telemetry packet, then they are off.   I took a snapshot of the
PCsat telemetry screen and updated the PCsat web page so you can see the
cooler temps, lower battery voltage and higher charge currents.

Since the public 435.250 9600 baud uplink is for higher power mobiles,
they are welcome during this period to operate on the HT channel of
145.825 at 1200 baud by reducing their transmission rate to only one
packet per 5 minutes or so.

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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