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Yaesu G5400B Rotator Bearings

 I am making steady progress building my antenna system for Ao-40.
Tonight I decided to regrease and repair my Yaesu G5400B rotor. The
elevation part was in pretty good shape, the only thing it needed was to
clean the pot and I regreased it while it was apart.

The azimuth part of the rotor is another story. Without preparation, I
tried to use it at Field Day a couple years ago and discovered that the
balls were rusted.  A can of WD-40, some elbow grease and some chassis
grease got it working well enough to use, but I want to replace the
rusty balls before I mount it and start using it.

The rotor uses about 100 3/8 inch loose ball bearings (I miked one to
make sure of the size), and I would like to replace them with stainless
steel balls if possible. The rotor only saw light use, so the races look
in good shape.  Anyplace I might try on a Saturday for them in the
Baltimore area?

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