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Hi Gang.
Well I got the manual on the ST-1 and got it
hooked up between the rotor (Yaesu 5400)
and the computer.
I have loaded the software for the ST-1 and the software for IT
I am loading AT for the rotor drive program,
Flip drv for the antenna to work on their back
Dispang for display of the headings
and orbit drv

My problems are several.

I cant get ST-1C  to work, it says ST-1 not installed
However the ST-1 is hearing from the computer although aparently
not correctly as in some cases the up and down lights are lit at the same time
along with the left or the right light
in any case the rotor when it gets the signals from the computer goes to the
right on both rotors and the lights never go out.
I believe that it has something to do with the a to d converter  and it is
not seeing the proper signals from the computer.
Dispang appears to be working correctly as the headings seem correct
with respect to the sat position
Also ST-1Z brings up the ST-1 screen says RotorDrv found
TSR Tracking program loaded
then it goes back to the ST-1 prompt

Anybody Help

all suggestions appreciated

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