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RE: 3733 vs DB6NT MKU-232A

Hello Art

> Does anyone have any experience comparing the modified 3733
> (with stub cut and ceramic filter added) against a DB6NT
> MKU-232A downconverter?

Using the same feed I've done a 1:1 test with a a TSI AIDC3733 I modified as
per the K5GNA speicications having a measured NF of 1.14dB, and the DB6NT
MKU24 downconverter with an NF of 0.65dB.

The MKU-232A is a dual stage preamp without downconverter, but more on that
in a moment.

I couldn't tell the difference audibly between the two either on AO-40 or on
UO-11, but the theory says I should suffer.

In truth I've found it's the antenna that makes by far the biggest

One other point of note which applies to the DB6NT MKU-232A and MKU24
downconverter is that it's really important to observe the maximum 1mW of RF
appearing at the RF in of these units. I've fried the NE32584C on both these
units with a 70cm uplink antenna close by. In comparison, the 3733 is

I've therefore invested in a reel of hot standby FET replacements for the
DB6NT stuff.

I really like the DB6NT stuff, even though in Europe it's 'reassuringly
expensive'. But it pays to abide by the instructions.

73 Howard G6LVB

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