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Focal Point for the AIDC 3733


The reflector on the 3733 truncates the actual focal point by a few inches. 
Draw an imaginary pair of lines to the focal point and put the reflector 
where it just fits in the path. This appears to be the normal focal point for 
the 3733.  In the dishes I supply, the back of the 3733 is about 1 1/8" from 
the face of the dish.  The 3733 will also show good results with the dipole a 
few more inches out, at the actual focal point of the dish.

What this means is that the 3733 can be mounted over a range of a few inches 
around the dish's actual focal point with little change in gain. I always 
recommend testing it for the best position in the actual dish you are using. 
A piece of PVC split and a little tape will generally let you position it in 
the hole in the dish for testing.

Bob Seydler
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