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Downconvert support for Channel Master dish

Greetings, I have acquired a Channel Master 32" by 30" offset feed dish
to do some experimenting  with A0-40, and have also acquired an AIDC
3733 Downconverter as well. I am in the stage of deciding how to mount
the converter. One thing I can tell, the 3733  has the bulk of its
volume in towards the dish, with the reflector near the focal point of
the dish.

The dish does have struts and part of the bracket for mounting the LNA,
but it looks like it might be more practical to mount the 3733  to the
face of the dish by way of a mobile mount bracket I have in my junkbox
to position it correctly.  The mobile mount consists of an aluminum base
about 2" x 3.5", with a series of pivoting aluminum bars that measure
about 1/8" x 1", with a total length, including a third pivoting section
which I made of about 13". This, with the length of the downconverter
should be sufficient to position it where it needs to be.  The PO of the
dish raised some concerns that the bracket would interfere with the
reflectivity of the dish, or change its pattern. I see this as a
possibly valid concern, but since the base only occupies perhaps one or
two percent of the area of this dish, I would think the effects would be
minimal. By mounting to the center of the dish, I would also be able to
eliminate the existing struts, which also interfere with the signal

What are your opinions/experiences (flame retardant mode on).

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