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Re: AO-40 and PSK31

Hello Dave, and thanks for the help. You bring up a good point as to how the
AO-40 passband is be used. I am not one to push for a structured life, but
it is nice to have an idea where one might look for a particular mode or
signal on our bands. Not reading on the AMSAT-BB about anyone else using PSK
on AO-40, or what part of the passband was being used, I just decided to
give 2401.270 a try. My thinking was that all HF PSK activity is on the
lower part of the bands. Hence the bottom half of the AO-40 passband was
chosen. At least the part below the middle beacon. Generally, most HF PSK is
centered around the 070 frequency. Eg: 14.070, 21.070 ect.  Keeping with
that 070 concept, I thought 2401.270 would be a good choice. But as stated
in your message if the world is hanging it's PSK hat above the middle
beacon, then I can move up there. Just wondering what was your reason for
being there. 73 and hope to see you on the bird when a mutuality, convenient
windows exists between us. 73 Keith N4ZQ

> Keith O'Brien wrote:

> > Look for my PSK signal around 2401.270 +- when the Squint is low and the
> > bird in view of Florida. 73 and thanks for your help.. Keith N4ZQ
> >
> Dave Crook wrote:

> hi keith
> the winpsk program is the only one that i know of that will operate in
> full duplex, it appears to work well although my preference is for the
> logger program. psk31 is a very good mode for ao40 and i have had a few
> contacts (time limited hi), i usually operate around 40 khz above the
> beacon, but i will look for you on your frquency when we have a mutual
> window,
> 73
> dave zl2mq

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