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Re: FT-847DSP...was Clearspeach speakers

>From: David Crook <dave.crook@xtra.co.nz>
>Hi Ed
>I have a ft847 and i have the audio always going to the soundcard of the
>computer, then i can easily use the dsp filtering of the 847 and get
>speakers ( or headphones by plugging into the headphone socket) at any
>time... if you try using the ao40 rcv program you can immediately see
>the effect of the filters on the waterfall shape and with judicious use
>of the rf gain can always have the audio set to (here) about 1.5
>divisions of noise. also if other soundcard programs (like winpsk) are
>tried, the audio is always there. 
>73 Dave Crook ZL2MQ


Good points.  In fact I have my FT-847 data port always connected to my
second computer [a P100] which does the duty for ao40_Rcv, winpsk,
FFTDSP-42, CW-KEY5, and APRS/packet.  Since the data port outputs a
constant audio level I can preset the Sound Blaster-16 for these
applications.  I agree that you can easily see the effects of the DSP modes
on the ao40_Rcv display {as well as FFTDSP-42}.

Likewise, I can raise the computer speaker level if I wish to hear the
soundcard audio {usually I don't as the speakers are cheap}.  That old
National NC-300 speaker has an eight inch cone and boy is the quality so
much better than anything on the new radios.  I am going to investigate the
W9GR DSP.  I have not used any other DSP than the FT-847 so have no other
reference to compare to.  

As far as sound equalization, my expensive hearing aids [$3200] do that {in
fact have two selectable, programmable profiles that I can chose}, so it is
unlikely that external equalization will help.  My experience is that
getting the best reproduction of the full audio spectrum with low
distortion and least noise is of greatest benefit. With -35 and -40 dB
hearing loss and no speach recognition in one ear, I definitely follow with
interest this thread.

Should be back on AO-40 soon; had first snow Friday and busy with
preparations for winter.

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