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Re: Deaf DEM 2400-144RX

Hey folks, at least with my assembly instructions under "assembly step 1" I 
quote " Check all MMIC mounting holes for excessive plating or lose trace 
material. The holes are drilled after the plating process. And a thin trace 
of copper may still encircle the moubting hole." I read through the 
instructions a couple times before I started and found that there were some 
holes that I had to clean up on my board...

Kevin WA6FWF

On Tuesday 16 October 2001 10:40 am, Tom Blubaugh, N7HXP wrote:
> Hi Bill:
>     I'm running the same downconverter with very good results. In fact I
> left out U5(MAV-11) because the gain was sufficient and didn't want to
> add extra noise. When I first tested my downconverter after assembly
> I exibited the same results that you have on yours and it did not work.
> What I found was the same problem you had below:
> > 2. The IF MMIC should have voltages of 3.6 and 6.5, but is 1.5 and 4.
> I had dead shorts to GATE in the holes where the MMIC's mounts on the
> board. I used an ohmmeter to check this. You need to cleanup these holes
> before mounting the MMIC's. There were 2 MMICS that I had to remove to
> cleanup the holes. I used a rolled up piece of sandpaper through the holes
> to remove the foil pieces then rechecked using an ohmmeter.
> Hope this helps. Good Luck
> Tom / N7HXP
> CN87RG
> mjrtom@home.com
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