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AO-40 and PSK31

With my marginal AO-40 S Band receive capability, 18 turn Helix antenna
through a Drake 2880 downconverter, I've been playing around with a terrific
HF weak signal mode - PSK31. Having had a few experiences with some
successful CW QSO's on AO-40, I thought I give PSK31 a try till I'm able to
get a dish antenna going. Being on the other night when AO-40 was at 59k KM
and a fairly good Squint angle I was able to hear my PSK31 downlink fairly
well. That with a modest 15 W uplink budget. The problem is I would like to
be able to run full duplex PSK31. Being able to recieve my uplink would help
in testing and correcting for doppler.

Having experimented with a number of PSK31 program, back in the WB4APR 10
meter parrot days, I know that some programs copy better then others.
Example: Digipan didn't print as well or at all when compaired to WinPSKse.
W1SQL's, copy 20 PSK31 signals at once program, was also excellent with very
weak signals. But none of them supported full duplex. So the question goes
out, does anyone know of a PSK31 program that will do full duplex?

Look for my PSK signal around 2401.270 +- when the Squint is low and the
bird in view of Florida. 73 and thanks for your help.. Keith N4ZQ

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