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[Fwd: Mobile satellite operation]

Last week I wrote (in part):

> Howdy all,
> This week, I will be operating portable satellite from some semi-rare
> grid squares this week.  I will be spending 5 days providing
> communications for a bike ride, and squeezing in some satellite passes
> during the day on a time available basis, and quite a few during the
> overnight stops.
> My agenda for the week is as follows:
> Wednesday - Big Bear, CA (DM14nf) to Barstow, CA (DM14lv)
> Thursday - Barstow, CA (DM14lv) to Ridgecrest, CA (DM15eo)
> Friday - Ridgecrest, CA (DM15eo) to Lake Diaz, CA (DM06xn)
> Saturday - Lake Diaz, CA (DM06xn) to Bishop, CA (DM07ti)
> Sunday - Bishop, CA (DM07ti) to Mammoth, CA (DM07lp)
> Monday - Drive home
> In Friday we will drive through a corner of DM16 and I'll do my best to
> get on at least one pass from inside that grid.

That was the announcement, and here is a short version of the followup
report.  I was able to make about 100 QSOs from some of the locations listed
above as well as several locations along the bike ride course during the
day.  On Friday evening instead of operating from our overnight camping spot
at Lake Diaz, I drove east a couple miles to the DM06 / DM16 border and
worked several passes, and on Saturday evening instead of operating from
Bishop, I drove about 35 miles to the DM07 / DM17 border.  Sunday evening I
was sick and did not operate at all.  Additionally while coming home, I
stopped in DM05 at the specific request of one station and worked one UO-14
pass (and yes, I was able to work the station that requested I stop there).
The bike ride went very well and a good time was had by all the riders and
support crew.

I was able to install an elevation and azimuth rotor system in my truck and
was using a 4 element M2 yagi on the 2M uplink and a 7 element Cushcraft
yagi on the 430 downlink with an ARR GaAsFet preamp right at the antenna.
The radio was my Yaesu FT-736.  Antenna tracking was manually controlled
with STSPlus providing the pointing information.  I should have photos and
detailed stats on my web site tomorrow evening.

I will QSL any of the contacts, but I would prefer SASEs (I put forth the
time and expense to activate the grids for your benefit, you can at least
pay the postage).

Special thanks to Kieth - N6ORS for posting updates from me via the AMSAT-BB

Jim Walls - K6CCC
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AMSAT member 32537 / WSWSS member 395

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