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Re: Help: can elev rotor be mounted upside down?

>Thanks Bill. I did not know about the hole. I have an extra elev rotor in 
>the shop. So I checked it and you are sure correct. So it is on to Plan B. 
>I think you have the right idea, making the first tie-off point about half 
>way out the cross boom. I will try that next. I had an old setup several 
>years ago for AO-13 with the same 40CX and was never satisfied with the 
>cable. The Hazer is a great improvement in that I don't have to climb 
>anymore to make changes. But it has the disadvantage that there is more 
>tower hardware to get tangled in. I will try your idea. Thanks.
>ron w8gus.

No problem Ron

While you are at it you might as well go through the rotor. It is real 
easy. The hardest part is getting the screws out. I had to cut the heads 
off of 3 of mine. The screws are metric so you just can't get another sae 
screw if you cut one. With the heads cut I was able to use pliers and just 
unscrewed them.

  Change out the bearings. I think they are 5/16 balls. I picked up a bag 
of 100 for about $6.00. You can't mess up taking the rotor apart as long as 
you look at what you are doing. You will want to clean all the crud out of 
the inside. Then use a water proof grease to lube the new balls. Also lube 
up the gears a bit. This will help keep the water out. The only thing that 
you have to look at is how cold it gets where you are. I don't have that 
problem!! I have to watch in the other direction. I have to watch the heat.

When you are going back together, put a very small bead of RTV on the top 
and side edges before putting the case together. Make sure that you use 
never seize or something like that on the screws when you put them back in. 
You don't want to put any RTV on the bottom. Also use no-ox on the terminal 
strip for the wires after you have it all cleaned up. I lost my 2 bottom 
screws from nothing being on them. I used no-ox on every screw and bolt and 
all is fine.

Well I know this isn't close to what your question was and I might as well 
cc this to the list also since I pretty much went through what to look out 
for. I hope this is of help...


Anyone that is getting a new rotor or anything else that is going to be 
outside, do your self a favor and take out each screw one at a time and put 
some kind of never-seize on them so you CAN get it apart down the road and 
not break anything.

In this day and age, almost ALL manufactures only put a small bit of oil on 
the screws and bolts if you are lucky!!!  Do your self the favor of lubing 
them up now so you can get them apart later..!!!

73, Bill N4XEO

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