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Crystal Signal Source as a 2.4G Sig generator?

To: Bill Acito

Hi Bill, I have been using an 80 MHz crystal module I lifted off a 386SX
motherboard for the same purpose.  It is mounted in a little box, with a
quarter wave antenna.  Self contained, two leads coming out to a small
sealed battery I use for this kind of work.

I can hear this thing at 200 + yards, S7 with my 4 ft offcenter fed dish.  I
put this unit together when I converted the Drake converter - it worked
right off.

I think you have a problem of some sort...at least from my perspective.

In the same vein I have a one transistor oscillator with an 8 MHz crystal
and an internal cordless phone battery pack and I can hear this thing over a
mile away across the water from my home.  The antenna is resonant quarter
wave at 144 MHz and the rx antenna is a 2M5WL that I have used for single
yagi EME.


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