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Help: can elev rotor be mounted upside down?

I have an unusual satellite antenna setup with a tower next to the house 
and a Hazer elevator. That in turn makes it necessary to mount the Yaesu 
elevation rotator on only one side of the vertical mast since the spacing 
between the vertical mast and the tower is only 5 inches. For some other 
reasons having to do with a long 40CX uplink antenna and keeping its 
rear-mounted cable from becoming tangled in the tower, I have determined 
that I must either use the 90 to 180 degree elevation scale for 90 to 0 or 
mount the rotator upside down in which case I can use the normal 0 to 90 
scale. The rotator has UP stenciled on the case but is there any reason why 
it can't be turned over? Maybe something to do with bearings or grease?

Thanks, ron w8gus.

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