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Anyone else using a 50Mhz Crystal Signal Source as a 2.4G Sig generator?

I built a quick circuit using a 7805 and a 50Mhz computer crystal as a quick
signal generator to check my S receive chain which has so far not yielded
any signals from AO-40 (Primestar Dish, 5 1/4 turn helix feed, DEM pre-amp
kit, DEM 2400-144RX kit , VR-500 Rx). DEM assures me that the downconverter
should be go, no go.

Another thing I notice is that my downconverter runs hot from a battery
(13.8v). The 7809 is hot, and all the 130 ohm bias resisters for the MMIC's
are very warm. The total current draw is within spec (400ma). Normal?

If I use a short piece of wire (3") as an antenna, and place it in front of
the helix, I can hear the signal, weak but there, at 144.030 (my
downconverter crystal is a little low, 187.997)

Does this sound nominal, or should I hear the generator like gangbusters
(48th harmonic)?


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