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Quadpod and 70cm Quadrifilar

I've worked a number of people using the "Quadpod" antenna support and
a 70cm quadrifilar that is 7" high and a ~34" Primestar dish,
  from my driveway, using my 30 watt ICOM IC-821 on ssb on AO40.  At fair
and better pointing angles it works just fine.  It also supports a
40CX (15' long, 15.2 db) for lower powers, and/or higher pointing.

They asked for the construction details, I cannot remember all who asked,
but they can be found at:


Quadp1.zip is a 103k file for the mildly curious.

Quadp2.zip is a 306k file for the builders.

Quadfil1.zip is a 359k file that describes the antenna.

The quadpod was designed by Steve, W6SDW (ex WB6BDY) many years ago for
FD or ARES emergency operations, and has been modified to provide the same
type of operations for AO40.

Thirty minutes from the time we stop the vehicle at a remote site, we
can be on the air.   ARES operators may be interested.

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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