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Re: Clearspeach speakers

>From: Paul Williamson <kb5mu@AMSAT.Org>
>Just for a dissenting voice ... I heard the same demo and was NOT 
>impressed. It has the same problem the other DSP noise-reduction filters 
>have. At first impression it definitely sounds like the speech is untouched 
>while the noise is suppressed, but after trying to copy the speech for a 
>while the resulting distortion becomes a problem. The speech is harder to 
>understand with the distortion than it was with the noise. The fatigue 
>factor is higher, too.
>So, I suggest that you listen to one yourself before purchasing. You may 
>find it a miracle, or you may find it worthless. Apparently it works better 
>for some people than for others.

Interesting comments, Paul.

As one with severe hearing imparement, I am interested in any methods that
improve intelligibility.  I believe you have an FT-847, how do you rate the
DSP NR and DIG. FIL modes.  I use the NR=10 on AO-40 combined with RF Gain
reduction to lower passband noise fairly successfully.  However, the DIG
FIL seems to add distortion that is counterproductive for my "tranducers"
(ears).  Yet, I regularly use DIG FIL for terrestrial weak signal ssb, and
the DSP cw FIL set to 100 Hz for eme.  Go figure.

I wonder what your opinion of the FT-847 DSP modes are (assuming that is
what you use).

BTW enjoyed Symposium greatly...even the 1-1/2 hour wait in security going
home thru the airport.  Got talk with a pretty lady from Bermuda all the
time in line!


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