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Re: PCsat test results

Hello Bob,

- Thank you for your note on PCsat's performance in the reset situation..
Here in Manaus, PP8EB, Eduardo,tested sending short message with
up to 14 letters via Th7D to me, ex. Good DX and 73! ,which has been 
received, perfectly. Other like "Hello from Bud in Vero Beach" send by 
been copied here regularly. I'm receiving normally my position report 
on the screen, without any problem at home and mobile, using Kenwood
TM-G707A + TinyTrack packet APRS "driver", using a beacon "Hello
from Manaus"
We are expecting to see PCsat on the map!
The only point we are observing at the present situation is the doppler
with has to be hand tuned with more or less success.


Nicolaus Sallay
E-mail : n.sallay@horizon.com.br

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From: "Bob Bruninga" <bruninga@usna.edu>
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Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2001 4:39 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] PCsat test results

> Today I got to sit and watch my first two PCsat passes from my
> mobile D700 in the clear.  Here are my observations between 1749z
> to 1759z on a 14 degree elevation pass over New England and then
> out over the Atlantic and then 1933z-1947z a direct overhead pass
> from central Canada down over the East Coast.
>                         PASS1 PASS2
>                         ----- -----
> Peak elevation:           14   85
> Total packets heard:      50   40
> Total decoded:             4    7  (TLM, Mine and KB2M-3, WA4EWV-8)
> PCsat TLM:                10   14  (assumed 1 per minute)
> PCsat Status:              4    5  (assumed 1 per 3 minutes)
> PCsat Bulletins:           8   12  (assumed 4 per 5 minutes)
> My packets digipeated?:    3    3  (I had two msgs loaded + my posit
> Estimated pkts fm others: 21    5
> S-meter segments:      Pass1     Pass 2
>                        --------  --------
>                        20% none  35% none
>                        35% 1     18% 1
>                        35% 2     18% 2
>                        10% 3     25% 3
>                                   4% 4
> All sounded somewhat distorted due to doppler and fact that PCsat was
> in RESET mode which defaults to high deviation.
> CONDITIONS:  My RX set up is poor.  It is an untuned 5/8 wave magmount,
> and attached to only a 1' square plate screwed to the PLASTIC roof of
> my van.  PCsat was in RESET mode, meaning its deviation is HIGH (wider
> than passband in the presence of doppler).  I was set to the suggested
> parameters for a D700 under "special" conditions.  Meaning my Posit
> was set to 1 per 5 minutes.  And messages operate at a 1/minute rate
> for only 5 minutes activated once in the middle of the pass.
> CONCLUSIONS:  In both passes, my POSIT was digipeated.  In both passes
> I think both of my messages were digipeated.  I did receive telemetry
> at least 3 times in each pass.  Thus the mission objectives of
> getting one's position/status out, and being able to upload a message
> were met, even in my sub-optimum arrangement.  It was tough resisting
> the temptation to transmit more often than the recommended timing,
> but I did and it worked.  Notice on my 5/8ths wave vertical, the
> OVERHEAD pass performance was WORSE than the horrizon pass as would
> be expected.  The best antenna for PCsat will be a 19" vertical whip
> on the mobile, not a gain antenna.
> It would be nice to hear from someone with a D7 HT doing a similar test.
> de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob
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