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Re: Clearspeach speakers

At 01:10 AM 10/14/01 +0000, Jim Jerzycke wrote:
>I was always skeptical, but heard a
>demo at the recent ARRL Southwestern Division Conference in Riverside,
>CA, and I'm impressed.

Just for a dissenting voice ... I heard the same demo and was NOT 
impressed. It has the same problem the other DSP noise-reduction filters 
have. At first impression it definitely sounds like the speech is untouched 
while the noise is suppressed, but after trying to copy the speech for a 
while the resulting distortion becomes a problem. The speech is harder to 
understand with the distortion than it was with the noise. The fatigue 
factor is higher, too.

So, I suggest that you listen to one yourself before purchasing. You may 
find it a miracle, or you may find it worthless. Apparently it works better 
for some people than for others.

73  -Paul

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