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Re: Fw: FODTRACK Interface

Hi Manfred,

Many thank for your reply.  I agree with all your comments.  The problems
I am having are solely the result of my (cheap) installation.  Your
interface is great!

Your 5 degree error computation is pretty close.  Subsequent tests here
seem to indicate that my system seeks a point which is about plus or
minus about 2 degrees.  I could live with that if the basic accuracy my
azimuth rotor were better but it sometimes has errors of plus or minus
4-5 degrees even in manual.  Most of that is to the south where the stops
(and the end of the pot) are. Since this is were AO-40 often is located I
hope to improve that with a new controller and digital readout which will
move the stops (and the ends of the pot) to the north.  I'm going to try
something like 750K for the resistors in the new controller.  That should
reduce the errors somewhat.  Of course, I should go out and by a good
rotor but that would be completely out of character for me.  I've just
spent 9 months and about a hundred dollars in coax connectors to get a
quad helix array to work almost as well as the 25 to 35 dollar BBQ
antennas that most are using.  That should tell you something about my
good sense!

It was not a surprise when the stability increased as a result of the
resistor change.  I had been going to try that for some time but it was
one of those "round-to-it" jobs which never quite got on the top of the
priority list!

Sorry if you thought I was throwing rocks at your interface.  Nothing
could be further from the truth.  I promote your design at every

Many thanks for your message and your excellent design.  I also like the
user interface.  I have run it under Windows 3.1 on a loptop and Windows
95 on an old IBM 486 PS2 and it runs very well along with an old DOS data
base I use of a log.

Thanks again.

73's de Jess - W4MVB
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