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Hi Folks!
I have uploaded new photos of the DHSatellite 32" (80 cm) prime focus dish in 
the web-site.
these are the two links:
The feed is an helix (3.25 turns in a coffee can feedhorn). The back of the 
can is 4 cm behind the focus (focus is 27 cm and back of can is at 31) and 
the sides of the can/feedhorn have been calculated to minimize spillover from 
the dish edge's as per Jerry K5OE paper in the proceedings of the AMSAT-NA 
Space Symposium.
Converter is a UEK2000SAT. I was expecting this system (circularly polarized) 
to be superior to my TSI 3733 and Connifer (now Andrews) BBQ (linear pol). 
But after expending long hours listening during today's orbit and doing side 
by side sujective listening comparisons with different rigs... I still prefer 
the modified TSI-Connifer combo (I think I hitted the sweetspot of the TSI 
when I made the mod by K5GNA and fitted it in the focus of the Connifer 
because this system performs like a champ). At this point, I cannot say that 
there are significative differences among the two systems but the modified 
TSI-Connifer are real value for money. Wish I had a G3RUH patch!

Best 73 de antonio, KC2HAX / EA4LE
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