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Yaesu az-el questions

I recently passed up a few opportunities on the G-5400, mainly due to the 
price being so close to a new 5500.  Are there significant improvements in 
the 5500?  I've read a few archive posts that imply the bracket that mates 
the two portions of the rotor was improved.  Anything else that would compel 
me to opt for a new 5500 vs a used 5400?

Yaesu has a GS-232 interface but I don't see a lot of info on it.  Supposedly 
it permits computer interfacing.  Is it necessary, or just their version of a 
TrakBox or other system?  If using a KCT or FODTrack etc is the GS-232 needed 
for computer control?  It's almost as much as the ROTOR!  Better solutions 
than what I gather from my initial investigations are highly welcome, but I 
don't want a highly kludged system that is hard to support.

Ray - WB3ABN
Kingston, WA
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