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Re: How to Improve Mode S reception?

On Sat, 13 Oct 2001, Paul Willmott wrote:

> Get a G3RUH patch feed, ... with the patch you don't need a preamp. 100%
> CRCC OK copy for the whole orbit with squints under 35 degrees.

That must be some SOME patch - I'm looking at Jim's web page - 
http://www.jrmiller.demon.co.uk/products/patch.html - to try to understand
why it works better - I assume that the simple dipole (or wathever is in
the antenna mount) "overilluminates" the dish, picks up additional noise,
etc., giving pooer performance than this feed design.

The patch appears designed for a solid dish.  My antenna is one of the
rectangular bbq-style MMDS units.  So I assume I will need to cover the
dish to make it electrically "solid" (checking the feedback, I see at 
least one bbq-style owner who did that). 

Does this sound correct?

(from a cost perspective, the feed is more expensive than a preamp but the
resulting system with the patch feed would be much simpler than
daisy-chaining a preamp and converter)

Steve KA1LM

Stephan A. Greene                            sgreene@patriot.net
HAM: KA1LM@amsat.org  QRP-L #232 Grid FM18hx 38 59'83.33"N 77 23'6.15"W

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