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9600/38k4 baud question

Is anyone on the list using the Symek ZDF IF demodulator in their FT-736R for 
9600 baud?  Does this approach have any benefits as compared to swapping out 
the 736's IF filter?  I'm thinking that it preserves the standard IF passband 
on the data port but provides enhanced 9600 baud capability, true?  Symek 
also sells a 38K4 IF demod.  If I wanted 9600 and 38K4+higher capability in 
the same radio, should I add BOTH units, in effect winding up with:

a) the internal 1200 baud data port
b) A 9600 baud Symek port
c) A 38K4 baud Symek port

Or can I just add the 38K4 and be done with it?  Too wide for 1200 or 9600 
use, that's why I think I need both?  Suggestions, better solutions?

Ray - WB3ABN
Kingston, WA

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