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Re: Idea for portable dish


"aluminium cloths" will be a good RF reflecting material. Evaporated
aluminum file must be on the cloths.

I made a potable stressed dish for AO-40 using umbrella. It works very
nice. I made many phone QSOs with this antenna. You can see it on my
web site.

Its refrector face is aluminum sheet. The sheet is evaporated aluminum
film on exppnded polyethylene sheet. I cut the sheet, joined them by
tape and fixed it to umbrella using tape.

Thickness of the sheet is about 2mm. This prevent to fulr compactly.
I'm looking for another refrector material. I know "survival sheet".
It seems difficult to join them and fix to the umbrella. Because I
don't want to use TAPE next try. hi.

See you on AO-40.

JN1GKZ  Masa
   jn1gkz@jamsat.or.jp     http://www.din.or.jp/~m-arai/

>Hello satellite amateurs,
>I am looking for some idea to make an portable dish
>for use at 13cm (AO40 RX). The design must be light
>and an little package for transportation. It must be
>possible to put it inside my back-pack, so I can also
>be qrv via AO40 on my next holliday trip :-)
>I have some idea of an umbrella-alike principle.
>The problem is only to find an RF reflecting material,
>that can be foulded or packed very little.
>I know there exists some kind of "aluminium cloths",
>that is used for medical use to warm up under-cooled
>people. When such material works, then it must be
>possible to make an dish that can be very easy to
>transport and can be very light weight. 
>Maybe somebody knows if this material can be used as
>dish RF reflector ? And if it is physical strong
>enough ?
>Other ideas are also welkom...
>73 de PE1RAH, William

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