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The third success in AO-40 K-band reception in JA

Hello all,

Masa JA1ATI had a success in receiving his first and the third JA K-band
reception last night at around 12:00 UTC orbit #437.
According to his report, the signal was S-1 to S-2 with heavy QSB
which was not acceptable for the normal QSO.

His system:
38cm TDK Cassegrain dish with a dual mode horn designed by Masa.
Modified DB6NT LNA (devices used - Fujitsu FHX76LP), 1.77dB NF @ 18 degrees C
MKU24GC converter from Kuhne
11.805GHz PLL LO (referenced locked to 118.05MHz OCXO)
He uses a tri pod antenna mount which's been used for his mountainous op.
(He has not yet received lower S-band yet :-)

I strongly recommend all of you to have a look at his web site
maintained by way of Michael OH2AUE, lots of fun;

So, who is the next?

Kohjin - JR1EDE


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