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Re: SBL-1 Mixer Question

Regardless of the SWR, Minicircuits makes measurements with all ports
terminated in 50 ohms so this is the impedance that the part needs to see to
meet specifications. If the RF and IF ports are terminated in 50 ohms at at
the LO, RF and IF frequencies and the LO waveform is symmetrical you can get
within a few dB of the specifications.



> > They provide SWR at each port for frequencies from 1 to 500 MHz.
> > The ports are all reasonably well matched, and there is little
> > to be gained from desiging for anything other than 50 ohm impedances.
> > There are probably Smith charts and/or S parameters in the
> > Designer's book, but my copy is at home and I'm at work... :-(
> I figured they did.  I didn't mention it in my note and wanted to take the
> time to look before I shot off my mouth.  Thank you.
> Yeah, your correct - you probably don't gain much trying to improve the
> match.

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