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RE: IC-910


I am not sure I can answer your question. I would use the memories only to
program a basic band position for say AO40. Then in the "Sat/rev" mode you
can tune either the xmit (bottom -Sub) by pushing the "swp" button. That
leaves the receive (Top-Main) channel unchanged and allows you to tune the
transmit freq., or push the "scan" key and you can do the opposite, tuning
only the receive frequency. Pushing either of these keys again puts you back
in the rx/tx track mode. An example would be to tune up and down the
transponder in the SAT/REV mode and find the party with whom you wish to
have a QSO. Tune him in properly, then press "swp" and move your tx freq.
right on top of him by listening to the unchanged downlink.

There has been much written suggesting that the proper way to work a bird is
to find a freq. and stay there, compensating for Doppler concurrently on tx
& rx. I think it is much to much work if you do not have auto Doppler
correction on both bands. I have not come across a piece of software that is
capable of doing  that on an AO40 elliptical orbit. The AO40 orbit is much
more difficult to correct on the fly then a simple LEO bird.

I hope there is some information that will be of some help. I am not big on
high detail function & feature. I like simple, user friendly operability.
Gunther Meisse

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Hi Gunther,  I have the IC-910 and I am trying to set the Sat Memories
for the digital satellites, but the tracking feature tracks both freqs.
I only need to move the receive freq for doppler  and not the uplink
freq. There dosen't seem to be a way to disable the tracking feature. Do
you use the Sat mems for the digital sats, or is there a way to program
the digital sats freqs into a memory, whereby I can only move the
receive freq, thanks, Bill, VO!OR.

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