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RE: AIDC 3033 3' BBQ Dish

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, Howard Long wrote:

> > Also, K5OE's article in the amsat symposium says the focal length is 15.5
> > inches for the AIDC feed, but the above two emails and my own 3033 are
> > much shorter.  My 3033 can be mounted as short as 11 inches and as long as
> > 12.75 inches from the dish.  But nothing close to 15.5"?
> The focal length is a function of the dish not the feed. If you know the
> focal length to be between 11 and 12.75 inches then place it there. 15.5"
> probably refers to a different dish.

I assumed since I bought the dish and D/C-Feed all together and it came
with the mounting brackets I mentioned, that it was a complete system.
THus I was coonfused as to why the difference in mounting distance and
what K5OE said was the focal length.  I have now measured the 3'x2' dish
myself and I also compute a focal length of 15.5".  THus if I had just
blindly used the brackets that came with it, I would have been 3"  from
focal point.  Im glad I asked...


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