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Re: I need some advice for setting up a G5400B

Alan Fugelseth wrote:

I think that I should set the AZ rotor to North and position the AZ rotor on
the tower  to make the antennas point to Magnetic North - Magnetic
Deviation.  I think that it is called Declination.  (15.5 degrees West here)

Wayne replies:

I read the digest, so you probably already have lots of replies that I
haven't seen yet.

Yes, you are correct that you should point your antennas to TRUE NORTH.  You
can double-check your magnetic declination with the Canadian government's
magnetic declination calculator web site:


I guess Canada feels obligated to provide this service because they "own"
the magnetic north pole.  ; )

Here's a link to a WORLD MAP of magnetic declinations:


Interestingly, the map shows huge magnetic declinations in the sub-Antarctic
south of Australia.  I suppose that is the magnetic south pole?  It
definitely is not symmetric with the magnetic north pole.  That is, the
magnetic south pole appears to be at a lower latitude than the magnetic
north pole.

These sites also have fascinating information about how magnetic declination
varies from year to year as the magnetic north pole wanders.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, SA\\USA
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