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Re: SBL-1 Mixer Question

>From: Jon Ogden <na9d@speakeasy.net>
>Thank you.  Yes they provide a great deal of info.  Lots is on the website
>now days.  Mini-Circuits now longer publishes their big thick data book
>(yeah, I know it stinks - I should sell some of my hardbound copies on
>e-Bay!), but all that data and more is now on their website for most parts.
>And we can generally get more from anyone who asks.  You just need to
>contact their applications department or a local sales rep.  Harvey Kaylie
>(President and Owner) is very pro ham and sees ham operators as a vital part
>of his customer base.

Fortunately I got one on my bookshelf at home and probably at work, too.
Maybe they should consider a CD?

Finally home, Monday, from MW Update & Amsat Symposium...just about caught
up on the 680+ e-mail backlog.
Expecting snow soon...leaves are gone.

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