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Re: SBL-1 Mixer Question

on 10/10/01 11:02 AM, laura halliday at marsgal42@hotmail.com wrote:

> They provide SWR at each port for frequencies from 1 to 500 MHz.
> The ports are all reasonably well matched, and there is little
> to be gained from desiging for anything other than 50 ohm impedances.
> There are probably Smith charts and/or S parameters in the
> Designer's book, but my copy is at home and I'm at work... :-(

I figured they did.  I didn't mention it in my note and wanted to take the
time to look before I shot off my mouth.  Thank you.

Yeah, your correct - you probably don't gain much trying to improve the

>> Sorry guys if you dont want to read this, but it's a bit hard to
>> get answers off Minicircuits!
> Is there some other company called Minicircuits out there?
> The one I deal with provide vast torrents of data to
> anybody who asks.

Thank you.  Yes they provide a great deal of info.  Lots is on the website
now days.  Mini-Circuits now longer publishes their big thick data book
(yeah, I know it stinks - I should sell some of my hardbound copies on
e-Bay!), but all that data and more is now on their website for most parts.
And we can generally get more from anyone who asks.  You just need to
contact their applications department or a local sales rep.  Harvey Kaylie
(President and Owner) is very pro ham and sees ham operators as a vital part
of his customer base.



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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