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I need some advice for setting up a G5400B

Well  the time is getting close to put the G5400B up on the tower.  I have
some questions about setting the rotors and the antennas.

I think that I should set the EL rotor to 90 degrees and place the antennas
in the horizontal position so that the rotation UP to 180 will make the
front of the antennas point straight up.

I think that I should set the AZ rotor to North and position the AZ rotor on
the tower  to make the antennas point to Magnetic North - Magnetic
Deviation.  I think that it is called Declination.  (15.5 degrees West here)

At this point do I need to adjust the OUTPUT VOLTAGES?  Someone who has
adjusted these voltages might give me some advice here.

Am I figuring correctly here?

                                                            Thanks and 73,
                                                             Allen WB6RWU
                                                             Capitola, CA.

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