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Re: new M block orbit 435 (alon/alat updated)

Hi Mark.
I copied that one also, but I kept getting 009/10 about 1 out of 3 times for 
some reason.  I am curious about this new attitude is that I noted tonight 
the bird definitely had a preference for LHCP uplink on U-band.  I confirmed 
this with two other ops who were also capable of switching polarity.  

With a squint well under 10 degrees at MA=160-175, I have never experienced 
this preference before.  The satellite has been very predictable in terms of 
U-band uplink preference, where less than 15 degrees was always RHCP, 15-25 
degrees was random, and greater than 25 degrees was almost always LHCP.
Jerry, K5OE

hammond@surrealnet.net writes:

> Start= 02:04:22 8683  #B280     Last= 23:29:43 8683  #B39F
>  M  QST AMSAT OSCAR-40                                2001-10-11
>       ALON/ALAT = 009/1, Orbit 435, Alon rate -0.85 deg/perigee
>         *** See N-block for schedule. NOTE: K-Tx passband ***
>                  *** Middle Beacon OFF: MA 70-86 ***
>           The AO-40 team would like your telemetry files!
>  Please "zip" compress your daily telemetry files and e-mail to:
>                        ao40-archive@amsat.org
>  73,
>  Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]
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