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RE: Coax Cable

Hi Jim, With considerable interest I read the reply from Ron W8GUS. I have
carried out extensive tests on my installations and compared figures of all
the various options. Recently Jerry, K5OE wrote of Down-converters and
I agree with his conclusions except in my case, with a fully modified Drake,
did not experience the lower output level and am currently using a DEM
directly connected to the dish feed and short (1 metre) run of RG8 to the
which is boom mounted.
On 23cm I have an IC-910H feeding via 13 metres of 9913 to an 18 turn helix.
looked at rerunning the coax with LMR-400 but the advantage of only about
did not seem to justify the cost - about $180. I do have some Andrews Heliax
use as part of the run hopefully gaining a useful 1dB.

Back to basics. Seems silly to spend huge $$ for little (if any) advantage.
receive the losses must be kept to a minimum until the gain stages. It's
to mount the Pre-amp directly to the antenna connector and run a few feet of
coax to the downconverter. Having used various coax runs from the pre-amp to
converter I can say that the quality used is of little importance however it
better to use a lower loss type (RG8 or RG6) than standard RG58. Again, this
assumes the downconverter is mounted close to the pre-amplifier. (I use RG58
the run from downconverter to the PCR-1000)

On the transmit side - it depends on what you use for a transmitter. The
is only just sufficient for good 23cm uplink but on 70cm it has tons of
Here I use RG8 to an 8 el yagi with excellent results. For me, losses are
not so
important having excess power available. Perhaps not most efficient but

Finally, if you already have the 9913, use it - it works just fine! It
sounds like
you have your 2.4GHz receiver in the shack - I think you'll find it more
to buy a surplus unit (California Amplifier or even the Norsat 2500) than to
new LMR-400 and all the connectors.

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Been off the air for awhile.  Haven't kept up with the lastest discussion on
what coax everyone is using.  My satelite station has been off the air for
awhile and I need to move it to the garage.  I have been told to replace the
9913 coax that I was using with, RG-214 from the pre-amp to the antennas and
LMR-400 from the shack to the pre-amp.  Any comments would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

73s Jim KE4KOL, 30841

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