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Re: PCSat report from Europe

On Wed, 10 Oct 2001, Frank Sperber wrote:

> So far the SAPPHIRE element set (catalog no. 26932) seems to match
> best for PCSat's AOS and especially LOS.

Yes, we are making a formal request to NORAD to change them.

> It was noticed that predicted uplink power levels doesn't fit to
> get any APRS-packet via PCSat. My best success was 25 W EIRPC on 2 m
> with an average of 100 W EIRPC.

Thanks for the report.
Yes, QRM on the uplink could be a problem, but I have noticed success
with a 5W HT and whip antenna.  I think that since UO-11 has downlinked a
signal on 145.825 for the last 15 years, that that frequency is swept
pretty clear of at least non-amateur "simplex" operations.  They will
hopefully  get fed up with the noise on "their channel"...

For now, it will be best if HAM users continue to run the suggested power,
just to help gather data on the reliability of the uplink at those levels.
REports from remote areas of the world have good success with the 5W
HT uplinks.  So it appears that the throughput is QRM limited in populated

 de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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