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PCSat report from Europe

Hello and congrats to the PCSatTeam!

Over here in Europe activity is increasing via PCSat (see list below
from two passes this morning). So far the SAPPHIRE element set
(catalog no. 26932) seems to match best for PCSat's AOS and especially
LOS. It was noticed that predicted uplink power levels doesn't fit to
get any APRS-packet via PCSat. My best success was 25 W EIRPC on 2 m
with an average of 100 W EIRPC. On 70 cm I managed to get 2! frames
digipeated with 9k6 and 600 W EIRPC. Probably the radar pulses
observed on AO-40's uplink interfere with the digital signal. Any
mobile or portable attempt failed so far either on 2 and on 70. Maybe
non-ham QRM on 2 m is too high over Europe (as can be observed on the
Fujis and Pacsats) and whenever UO-11 is in sight of PCSat the uplink
signals seem to become distorted.

By the way, I myself wasn't lucky in copying any signals from
Starshine-3 or Sapphire so far.

73 es good APRS,


2001-October-10 11:43 26 stations
Callsign    Type       Latitude   Longitude
--------    ----       --------   ---------
 2E1EBX*    Grid Squ.        [JO02FW]
+DK5EC*     Home       50.44.14N  007.14.15E
+DL4HAO*    Rec Veh'le 53.47.22N  010.04.07E
+DL6DBN     Yagi       50.52.67N  007.59.82E
 EB3GMK-4*  No Symbol  41.13.31N  001.42.74E
+F1EUS*     Home       43.16.48N  005.41.06E
+F4ABC*     Node       47.43.42N  003.16.64E
+F4CTB*     Sat/Pacsat 44.07.00N  003.01.25E
+F4JXD*     Circle sm  44.06.40N  001.05.85E
+F6DHD*     Home       48.45.52N  007.22.27E
+F9XG*      Circle sm  49.30.10N  000.06.43E
+G4FIP*     Home       52.58.97N  000.18.20W
 G4IDE*     WX Station 52.58.24N  000.02.76W
+I6JKW*     XAPRS      43.36.11N  013.30.27E
+IK6IEM*    Grid squ.  43.36.14N  013.30.65E
 OE5GOL*    Home       48.30.00N  014.30.00E
+OH2BB*     Home       60.24.80N  025.04.99E
 OH9RI-7*   Rec Veh'le 66.38.13N  023.53.25E
+OH9RI-9*   Rec Veh'le 66.38.11N  023.53.25E
 PE1NHD*    Grid Squ.        [JO21BX]
+SM2LZK*    Yagi       65.47.03N  023.24.88E
+SM5APX*    Dot        59.08.21N  018.07.60E
 SM5SSZ-15* Kenwood    59.22.50N  016.31.26E
+SM6TKY-2*  Antenna    57.30.47N  012.41.48E
 TA1DF-2*   Home       40.49.36N  029.21.80E
+TK5GF*     Dish Ant.  42.31.00N  009.28.00E

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