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24 GHz Working Group Session

Hi Folks!

Just back from Atlanta and thinking about what a great meeting I attended there. This was the first time I joined the AMSAT-NA Annual Meeting and Space Symposium and surely I will remember it for a long time. 

The porpoise of this posting is to show my deepest gratitude to all the participants in the 24 GHz Working Group Session. I was really impressed by the number of attendants an their contributions. Given the topic and the time of the session (Saturday at 7:30 am). I was expecting no more that a dozen “freaks”.  At the end of the session I was told by Bdale, KB0G that at least 44 people had registered in the list we circulated among the attendance! Oops! I just had prepared 16 handouts, so I apologize for those of you that could not get a copy on site. 

Fortunately, Don, KD4APP to whom I am most grateful has done an excellent job. First ensuring that we had the feedback from the experts that could not be in the session in the form of a presentation and, as you may already know, then posting all the materials we used plus some very useful links on his web site at http://www.sunsunsun.net/ao40/.  

I would also like to recognize the guys that immediately and with no hesitation volunteered to set-up the session: Ed Cole, AL7EB, Tom Haddon K5VH and of course Don Woodward, KD4APP. 
We got a lot of support from the experts we would have love to have there: Michael Fletcher, OH2AUE, Charlie & Petra Suckling, G3DWG / G4KGC, Danny Orban, ON4AOD, Jean Michael F6GBQ, Al Ward, W5LUA and others. All of them were very diligent in providing feedback and in the truest spirit of ham radio willing to share all his knowledge with the rest of us. Thank you friends, you are leading and inspiring us!

Finally, I want to thank Steve & Diana Diggs, W4EPI / NOCALL ;-) and all the AMSAT folks in Atlanta  -what a great and kind people- for his hospitality and superb organization.

Very truly yours,

antonio, KC2HAX / EA4LE

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