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Re: PCSAT heard at K3XS

> > I can't resist THIS one...
> > Yeah, we know who he is ;-)  He's the guy transmitting a 8X the
> > recommended rate stated in the "Service Agreement"... which is once
> > every 2 minutes... lead by example, I have always been taught...

Actually, such use was also "noted" by the others standing in the parking
lot of the AMSAT Symposium <grin>.  And I made a note to myself to
"revise" the user service agreement...(see below)...

Margret correctly elucidated:
> The wallpaper also says "Priority usage may be VIP demos or special
> one-time events". Furthermore, the bird was in safe mode, so *nobody*
> not authorized by the control team should have been on the bird....
> If it was my satellite and it was in a period of published
> public nonavailabilty and I wanted  to demonstrate it for the AMSAT
> Symposium, I'd feel justified in raising the priority of the
> demonstration.
> It's AMSAT Atlanta weekend, y'know. Wish I was there.

Yep, I placed the AMSAT demo at the highest priority (short of an
emergency).  But what I leared was that I should change the user service
agreement so that even in SAFE mode, that usage of PRIORITY and EMREGENCY
will still be authorized for users.  In otherwords, I would not have
wanted anyone to be in my shoes of doing a VIP public demo and then also
have had to violate the recoemmended protocol.

We still do not know why PCsat reset on Friday.  But until we get a fully
automated ground station, and get familiair with PCsat's habits on orbit,
users should expect occassional resets to SAFE mode and it will take us a
while to discover it and correct it.  This was unusual for me to be out of
town, but being at the AMSAT-NA conferece was a pretty good excuse, hi hi

Thanks for everyone's patience.  I will update the user agreement on the
web page when I get a chance...

de WB4APR, Bob

P.S.  Another way to look at this is that it was a link test.  This was
using a "long" whip on the HT in a parking lot, and shows that 4 of 5
packets that I transmitted at the HT's high rate were successful.  Thus,
proving that PCsat meets its design goals of reliable link from an HT with
a whip (in the absence of QRM)...

WB4APR-9>SS4VLZ,W3ADO-1*/V [10/05/01 22:16:32]:'p/ l  [/>to amsat conf
WB4APR-9>SS4VLZ,W3ADO-1*/V [10/05/01 22:16:44]:'p/ l  [/>to amsat conf
WB4APR-9>SS4VLZ,W3ADO-1*/V [10/05/01 22:16:53]:'p/ l  [/>to amsat conf
WB4APR-9>SS4VLZ,W3ADO-1*/V [10/05/01 22:17:15]:'p/ l  [/>to amsat conf

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