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Re: PCSAT heard at K3XS

On Saturday 06 October 2001 00:46, RMckni8527@aol.com wrote:

> I can't resist THIS one...
> Yeah, we know who he is ;-)  He's the guy transmitting a 8X the
> recommended rate stated in the "Service Agreement"... which is once
> every 2 minutes... lead by example, I have always been taught... just
> an observation as I read my wallpaper ;-)

The wallpaper also says "Priority usage may be VIP demos or special 
one-time events". Furthermore, the bird was in safe mode, so *nobody* 
not authorized by the control team should have been on the 
bird...anybody who was was QRMing by definition. If it was my satellite 
and it was in a period of published public nonavailabilty and I wanted 
to demonstrate it for the AMSAT Symposium (in the presence of apparent 
QRM) I'd feel justified in raising the priority of the demonstration.   
It's AMSAT Atlanta weekend, y'know. Wish I was there.

 73 de Maggie K3XS 

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