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TX Inhibit for the 817??

I have recently acquired a Yaesu FT-817. A portion of my intent in buying
the 817 was to split off the signal from my SSB UEK-3000 downconverter while
I work the bird on the FT-847 on SSB and then let the 817 decode the
telemetry.  Now what I need to know is this:  Is there a way to inhibit the
transmit portion of 2m while I am using it with my downconverter.  As we
know RF will "KILL" the UEK-3000! (Yes, even personal experience).  I notice
on the ACC Jack that it has a pin for "TX INH" but I cannot find any
information about it.  Does this mean transmit inhibit or something else?  I
only got the operating manual when I bought the radio.  Therefore, I do not
know if I'm missing another book, piece of paper or what. I cannot find any
documentation on it and nor do I have the schematics.  And no I have not
contacted Yaesu to ask them yet.  I was hoping someone here may know as
there is always a vast resource of knowledge here.  W9AE came up with a
great idea on the 847 and I have used it with great success but has anyone
looked into this for the FT-817? Any help would be appreciated! Tnx & 73...

P.S.  I've had great fun working 2m SSB and 432 SSB with the locals while
out walking the dog at night with the 817.

Rick Tilton
Foothills of NC APRS and Satellite Website

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