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AO-40 Downconverter

  While looking through my junk piles, I found a downconverter I 
  picked up somewhere along the line that I am wondering about the
  possibility of turning into an AO-40 D/C.  The device is made by
  California Amplifier and is called a "33 channel downconverter"
  with RF input from 2.15Ghz to 2.686 Ghz and an output
  IF of 116Mhz - 408Mhz.  There is also a gain figure stamped at
  32DB.  I assume this was probably a TV or early sat D/C.  
  Has anyone heard of this device and if so, does it sound
  like something that may be modifyable? Unfortunately, I do not
  have a source at 2+Ghz to try it, but it does bring the noise level
  up significantly when turned on so I am assuming that the pre-amp is
  working.  Any info, ideas greatly appreciated!! 

  -James  KI0KN
  james@colostate.edu  ki0kn@amsat.org
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