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Just thought I would say hello and introduce myself...a new member of the

I'm Tom Kindel, NW5B, in Austin Texas.  I moved here from New Mexico about 5
years ago.  I've been licensed since about 1970 and I was active on AO-10,
AO-13, several RS birds, a few shuttles and MIR.  I've dabbled in the
digi-sats but never got too much into it.

I recently came out of one of those periodic hibernations Hams seem to go
through and decided I needed to check out AO-40.  I recently got one of
K5GNA's BBQ dishes with a modified AIDC 3733 downconvertor and am quite
impressed.  I had no trouble locating the beacon and several QSO's on the
first try. My rig is an FT-736R.

This weekend...after a trip to the Belton Hamfest...I'm going to dig out my
old AO-13 435 antenna and see if I can get on the uplink.

I look forward to chatting with some of you on the bird and learning some
new tricks on this list.  I've already got the itch to try some mods with
the receiving system.  I'll be looking for info on patch antennas with an
aim towards improving my receive capability.

later es 73
Tom Kindel
NW5B, NAR 40705 L2, TRA 6382 L2
“Modesty is for those who have no Talent!”
Lazarus Long…

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