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After reading many and many personal HAM modifications experiences i just send the following request to Transystem company 
 Hi I'm an amateur radio operator and i'm using an AIDC-3733 downconverter
 to received 2401.323MHZ. Its one of our amateur radio
 satellite (AO-40).

 We modified this dowconverter in cutting the coaxial stub and we replace
 the second comb filter with a murata filter in a way to increase
 the s/n figures in the above mentionned FRQ.

 Did you know if there any other modifications that can be perform on this
 DC? in a way to improve reception at 2400mhz frequencies.

 I know that you not support this model anymore, but your comments will aid
 a lot of amateur radio operators in the optimisation of their
 Transystem downconverter.


I just received the following answer from a very devoted field application engineer who takes time to answer me back

> Hi Luc,
> You can use the AIDC 3731.
> Inside the AIDC 3731 there's two mechanical filter which center frequency =
> 2600MHz & BW = 200MHz.
> You can simply adjust the cap screws on this two filter to change center
> frequency.
> It's quite easy to change center frequency to 2400MHz and still with
> BW=100MHz
> by loosen the first and tighten the second to sixth cap screws ( count
> from antenna to F connector ).
> Better remodify with a network analyzer to keep the performance of the
> filter.
> With a network analyzer, you may complete the remodification in five
> minutes.
> Good luck.
> Edward Chang
> Field Application Engineer
> Transystem, Inc.
> edward@transystem.com.tw
> www.transystem.com.tw
> Tel : +886-3-5780393 ext 707
> Fax : + 886-3-5784111
All of this is fine but i missed the network analyser to retuned the downconverter hope some can let us know if we can go beyond our 
present ultimate frontier with this downconverter and if it is worthwile?
Luc Leblanc VE2DWE (AMSAT 33583)
SITE WEB:http://www.sorel-tracy.qc.ca/~luclebla/
J3P 5N6

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