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PC Sat and "rules"....

Hello to all:
If i understand right, the "use" of any and all satellites are
"conditional" in use as 
would anything that was owned/operated by another, is this not right?
Would you orbit an expensive hardware package and NOT expect it's use to
cared for by
its owner/s in that free and continued use is for all and not a few?
I, like many can't stand or tolerate government intervention into my
private life, but this i take it, is not a total government funded
"project" is it?
If public funds were used for its creation, then all taxpayers have a
legal, but now diminished voice in the "care and feeding" of such a
"project"...Smart "men" would see
that all of us in the world can't be "rocket scientists", so we choose
those with the
needed skills and qualifications to "administer" certain "codes of
conduct" to be ad-
hered to while using the satellite/equipment, otherwise, all hopes of
"global" usage
is meaningless and fraught with disaster for many who might attempt
access to use the 
bird to pass any messages through such hardware.
As a great man once told me(my father)DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!
As more users of PC Sat come online, there "should" be a growing amount
of people that 
would take offense to "rude" and "obnoxious" attitudes/behavior while
operating through this, and other orbiting hardware.....what's so
difficult with holding on to 
a standard we can easily live with, and yet, maintain a high throughput
of data and information packets of a more "personal" nature as well?
On the "other" side of the coin; we do not own the frequencies we use,
they are for all to use and enjoy(hopefully), so some amount of give and
take is needed to peacefully co-exist on our small slice of "Americana"
How frustrating it is to hear mobile stations working other terrestrial
stations on the uplink to UO-14...That is why a few "rules" on use is
needed; to minimize the
impact of occasional "interlopers" on the uplink/s so more stations can
make use of 
this new hardware to its highest level, and not have to worry about not
being able to make a connection due to alligators hogging the limited
satellite's resources for their own personal use, it's there for all to
use and use thoughtfully(hopefully)
and for years to follow as well.

Thank you for allowing and reading my version of the "soapbox"
(better here than on the air, right)?

Ernest A. Erickson, KA9UCE, EN55
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